RoofKit White Reinforced Installation

epdmInstallation of RoofKit White Reinforced Membrane can be completed in just a few, easy-to-follow steps.  We recommend downloading the Pocket Application Guide to guide you through your installations. 

These instructions have been designed to provide you with general descriptions and reference aids for installing the RoofKit fully adhered roof system, but are not intended to be all-inclusive.  Should you have questions or encounter a situation that is not covered in these instruction materials, please call 1-800-225-4714, extension 7889, for technical support. 


Pocket Application Guide:

• 45 mil White Reinforced membrane
• 85% reflectivity rating
• Energy-saving: meets EPA DOE Energy Star requirements
• Easy to install
• Complete line of installation accessories
• Limited 20-year warranty

• Outstanding service and technical support

» Download the Pocket Application Guide

Installation Videos:

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» Step 1: Preparing The Surface » Step 2: Layout & Measurement of Material
» Step 3: Adhering the White Membrane
» Step 4: Preparing the Seam Area
» Step 5: Completing the Seam
» Step 6: Completing the Edge Details
» Installing Perimeter Edge Metal
» Skylights and Chimneys
» Inside and Outside Corners
» Applying a Patch
» Installing a Pipe Boot
» Vertical and Angled Walls

Important Notice About Water Vapor or Condensation:
Control of Water Vapor and subsequent Condensation is the responsibility of the person designing the roofing assembly. Exposure of the roof to temperatures below the dew point temperature of the air inside the building will cause Condensation to form within the roofing assembly. Condensation forming within the roofing assembly and dripping into the building is not a roof leak and is not covered by any warranty. The person designing the roofing assembly and the person installing the roofing assembly must use proper Water Vapor control measures when designing and installing the roofing assembly to prevent Condensation from forming within the roofing assembly.