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The Flat Roof Solution

RoofKit is the ideal roofing solution for flat roofs – smaller projects, repairs and any number of needs that may arise from your local contractors, homeowners and do-it-yourselfers.

Flat Roofs Are Everywhere You Look!

The market for flat roofing material is vast. Flat roofs are very common—and you can’t shingle them! Carports, sunrooms, garages, enclosed porches, certain types of townhomes, many smaller/older commercial buildings, etc. all feature flat roofs. It’s hardly an exaggeration to say flat roofs are everywhere! Summer storms also damage thousands of roofs each year—roofs of all shapes and sizes. RoofKit provides an affordable, durable roof-replacement that can be installed and maintained with ease.

In all of these cases, RoofKit is a natural answer for your customers’ needs.

No Minimum Order Quantities. 

We are specialized for the smaller-project market. RoofKit is the best roof repair/replacement system featuring EPDM rubber, White Reinforced Membrane and application materials available to retail home centers, distributors and lumberyards—without massive minimum order quantities.

Support Goes Both Ways.

We appreciate your willingness to carry and sell our products. To show our commitment back, we provide assistance to you in a variety of ways to help increase your sales. This includes all the marketing support materials needed to sell RoofKit—such as DVDs, installation guides, signage, photos, etc.

When you sign on to carry RoofKit, our co-op program alerts contractors in your area to the new offering, and encourages them to come check it out at your store. We also offer training for your retail center staff.

Need More Information?

If you are interested in offering RoofKit products at your location, please call:  1-614-729-7888 or contact us by filling out the form below: 

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