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RoofKit White Reinforced Maintenance & Repair

Our proven flat roof products are used by both contractors and homeowners for flat roof repairs of minor damage. The following roofing materials can be used for White Reinforced flat roof maintenance and repairs.

White Membrane Seam Kit

25 ft. roll of 3” Seam Tape, 1 pint Primer, scrub pad, seam roller, and 2 wipe clothes.

White Membrane Seam Tape

Seams two white membrane sheets together. Heavy duty, easy to use, with no caulking required.

  • 3” x 50’ rolls, 1 roll per box

Seam Primer

Used for cleaning and priming all roof membrane surfaces prior to installation of RoofKit products including Tapes, Multi-Purpose Adhesive, Caulk, Corner Covers and Pipe Boot

• 1-pint, 6 per case.

Water Based Bonding Adhesive

Adheres white membrane to suitable substrate. High coverage rate, environmentally safe.

  • 3.5-gallon pails or 1-gallon pails, 4 per case

White Membrane Cover Strip

Peel and stick tape for completing metal edge detail. Also for patching long tears in membrane.

  • 6” x 50’ rolls, 1 roll per box

Patch & Corner Cover Kit

Used for repairing small cuts and holes in white membrane.

  • (6) 8” circular peel and stick patches, 1-pint seam primer, scrubbie pad, wood roller and wiping cloths.

Fasteners and Plates

Used for the secure installation of any approved insulation board or the installation of the Reinforced Strip. Screws can also be used for Termination Bar installation