RoofKit TPO Product Features

The Best Thickness-Over-Scrim
Thickness-over-scrim is one of the most important TPO performance attributes.  To ensure that our product goes above and beyond the norm, RoofKit TPO standards are 150% of the ASTM’s required standards.  

Outstanding Ozone Resistance
RoofKit TPO features optimal UV formulation that maximizes resistance to ozone degradation.

Energy Star Compliant
Our TPO is ENERGY STAR® compliant with a Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) of 101, exceeding the EPA standards.  Such a high SRI means additional energy cost savings for commercial buildings. 

Consistent Thickness Tolerances
RoofKit TPO features outstanding thickness tolerances.   Consistent thicknesses ensure our product will respond well to weathering, be workable and have an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Strong Tear Strength and Resistance
The reinforced scrim layer and top-ply thickness give RoofKit TPO outstanding durable physical properties.  These properties provide resistance to harsh chemicals, pollutants and punctures, and provide exceptional breaking and tearing strength.

RoofKit TPO features a limited 10-year membrane warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Important Notice About Water Vapor or Condensation:
Control of Water Vapor and subsequent Condensation is the responsibility of the person designing the roofing assembly. Exposure of the roof to temperatures below the dew point temperature of the air inside the building will cause Condensation to form within the roofing assembly. Condensation forming within the roofing assembly and dripping into the building is not a roof leak and is not covered by any warranty. The person designing the roofing assembly and the person installing the roofing assembly must use proper Water Vapor control measures when designing and installing the roofing assembly to prevent Condensation from forming within the roofing assembly.